Incense Holders That Are Almost as Pretty as the Scents They Contain

Enjoy the smell of creamy amber and jasmine wafting through your home in one of these beautiful burners.

byAriel Wodarcyk| PUBLISHED Sep 4, 2020 5:13 PM
Incense Holders That Are Almost as Pretty as the Scents They Contain
A decorative burner makes the act of lighting incense even more special. Pexels/Artem Beliaikin

Whether you burn cone, coil or stick incense, a good holder is important for aesthetic and functional purposes—otherwise your bedside table will be covered in ash. Here are holders to look for when burning your favorite comforting scent.

Comes with seven scents including sandalwood, rose and jasmine.

If you like switching up your incense scent often, look for a holder that comes with incense sticks or cones. A wardrobe of fragrances allows you to adjust the smell to your mood, whether you’re after an uplifting citrus or sultry sandalwood. Incense cones burn faster than sticks, which also allows you to change out the scent frequently.

Gorgeous Design
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Burns two pieces at once.

An enamel tray is sleek and easy to wipe down with a wet cloth after each use. Be wary of wooden holders; if you’re burning a solid incense stick (one made entirely of incense, with no thin bamboo stick in the middle), it will burn all the way down and may scorch the wood. Use a cored incense stick to be on the safe side.

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Five differently shaped holes allow you to experiment with different methods.

If you’re new to using incense or like to use a mix of cones, sticks and coils, look for an incense holder with holes in different sizes that can accommodate each variety of incense.