Organize Better: Inbox Trays to Keep Your Files and Paperwork in Order

So you don’t have to dig through stacks of documents to find the one you’re looking for.

byAriel Wodarcyk| PUBLISHED Aug 6, 2020 5:30 PM
Organize Better: Inbox Trays to Keep Your Files and Paperwork in Order
Avoid the distractions of a messy desk. Nathan Riley, Unsplash

A messy desk can be overwhelming and distracting—regain (some) sense of control with a neatly filed inbox tray. You can file papers by order of importance or deadline, so your forms never magically go missing again. Here’s what to look for in your new storage.

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Keep your most important papers right where you can see them.

A clear filing system lets you keep track of your mounting paperwork and see your most pressing forms right away. Look for an inbox tray with non-skid feet to keep it secure on your desk.

Versatile Storage
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Store accessories in the slots underneath.

To further cut down on desk clutter, look for an inbox tray with upright storage for folders and forms, and a drawer to collect stray pens, sticky notes and paper clips. A lightweight mesh design is easy to assemble.

For Good Posture
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Reduce neck and eye strain by placing your computer on top of this model.

It’s tiring to hunch over your computer all day. Elevate your screen and keep your desk organized with a raised tray that boasts storage room on the bottom and a monitor stand on top.