How to Start Making Your Own Candles

Because you can never have too many.

You can keep a different scent in every room.Unsplash

Candles create a cozy environment, a pleasant smell and (most importantly?) an Instagrammable aesthetic. All great! But they can be pricey especially when you have to keep replacing them once they burn down. Luckily there’s nothing stopping you from making your own candles, and you might be shocked at how easy and inexpensive the process is. Here’s what you need to get started.

Complete DIY Candle Making Kit Supplies by CraftZee
This soy wax kit comes with absolutely everything you need: wax, scents, dyes, wicks, melting jars—it’s a one stop DIY candle shop.DilaBee

The first thing you need when making a candle, of course, is wax. Most candlemakers these days—both amateur and professional—use soy wax, which is inexpensive, stays stable and solid at room temperature and has a neutral scent.

Hearts and Crafts Soy Wax and DIY Candle Making Supplies
If you already have your own jars, tins or other containers, consider this kit which comes with 10 lbs of natural soy wax and a 100-pack of wicks.Hearts and Crafts

The other essential you’ll need for your candle is a wick. Ideally you want cotton, which burns cleanly without excess smoke or potentially nasty chemicals. Another nice feature is a small metal base, to keep the wick in place while you pour in melted wax.

Nature's Blossom Candle Making Supplies Kit
Classy large jars and soft scents of lavender, lemon and chamomile make this a great kit for making gift-worthy candles.Nature's Blossom

You don’t have to add scent to your candles; they’re just as festive and warming without any added oils. But it’s hard to say no to eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, and other classic scents. When adding essential oils to your homemade candles a little goes a long way—you only need to add a few drops to a small candle, and a few more for a larger one.