How to Get Your Cords and Cables Organized and Under Control

Avoid unsightly tangled cables.

Yellow extension cord
Wrangle in your cords with these organizers.Pexels/Ann H

The cords and cables in our houses have multiplied over the past decade. Now, pretty much everywhere you look, there’s a rat’s nest of wires: under a bedside table, behind a TV, under an office desk. There’s nothing that kills a carefully arranged decor setup faster than a big jumbled pile of cables. Luckily, there are ways to get them under control: to hide them and organize them in ways that aren’t just more attractive, but make your electronics easier to use, too.

One-Cord Channel Cable Concealer - CMC-03 Cord Cover Wall Cable Management System

Stick Organizer

The have adhesive backs so you can attach them to the wall.Yecaye

TVs didn’t used to have cables streaming from them every which way. But they do now—in addition to your power cord, you might have cables for video game systems, streaming boxes like Apple TV or Roku, cable boxes, speakers, soundbars and who knows what else. That’s a lot of wiring to be jumbled around! These cord covers are great, especially for wall-mounted TVs; they have adhesive backs, so you just stick them to the wall and run all the cables through them. You’ll barely notice those cables at all.

Cable Organizer Box - Cord Organizer Box - Power Strip Cable Management Box - Cord Hider Box for Hiding Surge Protector Cover - Set of 2, White Wooden Print

Out of Sight

Make sure the wires flow through the openings on both ends.YJ Premiums

The hub of an office tends to be a power strip, a lumpy and ugly device with tentacles of wires springing off every which way. This cable box is such a simple idea we can’t believe it hasn’t always been here: a clean white box with holes on either end for cables to go in and out. You plop in your power strip with all of your cables plugged into it, and it keeps them safe from being kicked out or unplugged while also keeping that monstrous strip out of sight.

Trilancer Reusable Cable Straps Wire Ties

Long and Sturdy

One of these can be used for multiple electric appliances.Trilancer

Sometimes those cables will be too long and you’ll have to wrap them up so they don’t get tangled. If you have a bunch of cables going to the same device, like a TV or computer, it makes sense to bundle all of those cables together, but rubber bands and zip ties aren’t made for this situation. Trilancer ties are specifically made for cables—they’re reusable, unlike zip ties, and long and sturdy, unlike rubber bands. Plus, you get 50 of them in a single pack.