How to Get Started With an Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

Get into this fun outdoor hobby.

byVictor Tan| PUBLISHED May 14, 2020 9:09 PM
How to Get Started With an Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board
Enjoy this water sport solo or floating with friends. Unsplash/Holly Mandarich

Paddle-boarders: You’ve probably seen them serenely floating on some lake or balancing majestically off a nearby shore. Yes, balance is a big part of paddle-boarding, but it’s not as difficult as it looks. Let us help you find the paddle board that’ll make days on the water even better.

Holds up to 300 pounds; comes with a pouch to keep your cell phone dry.

Check weight capacity on any paddle board you’re interested in to make sure it suits your needs. Some are sturdy enough to hold two adults, or a grown up and a child.

This model comes with a leash and manual air pump and has a weight limit of 275 pounds.

An inflatable SUP is convenient for long drives to the beach in a small car, especially if the board comes with its own leash, pump, fins and a travel backpack to fold it all into.

Rolls for easy storage; weight limit 275 pounds.

Everyone falls off their board when they’re first starting. But a paddle board with a wide, no-slip deck will help you keep your footing.