Handheld and Personal Fans to Keep You Cool

They’re the perfect way to regulate your temperature without bothering anyone else.

byLauren West-Rosenthal|
Handheld and Personal Fans to Keep You Cool
Most have different settings, so you can adjust the gust of cool air hitting you. Unsplash/Siniz Kim

If a refreshing cool breeze is what you need to stay comfortable indoors or out, a portable fan is an essential for your handbag or desktop. It’s a simple, lightweight and inexpensive way to create a personal A/C effect at all times. Whether you’re on the go or confined to a small, stuffy workspace, here are a few options to meet your cooling needs.

360 degree rotation keeps you cool from every angle.

If you need to be hands-free but want the air to hit you at just the right angle, a clip-on fan is the way to go. Attach to your desk or even a counter top if you’re cooking or in a workshop type space—they’re also portable enough to throw in a tote or handbag to take with you.

Tie on this double-head design for targeted cooling.

If you spend a lot of time outside, travel often or are always overheated from chasing the kids around the house, opt for a wearable fan that can easily and safely be worn around your neck. Look for one that’s powered by a USB so there are no extra wires or heavy batteries to weigh you down.

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A removable base lets you place this on a table or carry it with you.

When it comes to fans, size and weight do matter. If you’re the type that can’t take the heat and never wants to be caught off guard by a stuffy room or sudden heat wave, you want a lightweight, handheld fan with multiple speeds. Pick one that can be recharged with an ever-present USB cord so you don’t need to sweat the battery life.