Hammocks with Stands for Every Outdoor Space

The rocking motions are surprisingly soothing.

byCarrie Saum|
Hammocks with Stands for Every Outdoor Space
There’s no comfier way to enjoy nature. Pexels

A hammock with a stand for your backyard or balcony is an ideal way to unwind, enjoy a good book, listen to your favorite podcast or stargaze. Hammocks aren’t just a fun piece of outdoor furniture, they may actually soothe frazzled nerves by changing our brain waves. Research suggests our brain waves are positively impacted by gentle rocking, providing therapeutic benefits for both the mind and body. So sit back, relax, and check out our favorite finds.

Assemble the collapsible frame without any tools.

Finding just the right spot to relax in your outdoor space can be tricky depending on the weather and your preferences. Having an easy-to-move, collapsible hammock and frame like this one is ideal for moving around your yard or even taking with you to the park. It even comes with its own carry bag to pack it up easily.

Relax in cushioned, shaded comfort for the afternoon.

If you need more back support, try a hybrid that falls somewhere between a sturdy lounge chair and typical hammock. We love this high-living hammock lounge chair that has it all—a weightless side-to-side glide, cushions, sun umbrella, bold design and a heavy duty steel frame.

Adjust the height between 79 to 93 inches depending on the size of your place.

You don’t need a large outdoor space to enjoy a relaxing swing in a hammock. Hammock chairs like this are ideal for balconies, porches and other small outdoor spaces, and you can set it up exactly where you want it.