Great Gifts for Nurses

Show the medical pros in your life some love with these sweet and practical gifts.

Being a nurse is no easy feat. Long hours usually spent standing up and consoling ailing patients and their family members can take a significant physical and emotional toll. These gifts will make the nurses you know and love feel a little brighter, and make their work day a little more comfortable too.

Comfortable Sneakers

This pair comes in 22 cheerful colorways. Slow Man


A comfortable pair of shoes is as essential to a nurse’s job as a pair of scrubs. The cushiony sole is specifically designed to provide arch support during long bouts of standing, and the mesh upper makes them breathable.

Hand Cream Set

This set comes wrapped in a pretty organza pouch. Burt’s Bees


Longtime wear of disposable gloves can lead to dry, chapped hands, but they’re a necessary part of a nurse’s job. The hand creams and cuticle balm in this set are formulated with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, aloe vera and sweet almond oil to repair dry hands. A pair of soft cotton gloves seals in the moisture at night.

Something for Days Off

Nurses can’t wear bracelets at work, but they can slip this cuff on for a hopeful message to read on days off. Joycuff


This adjustable cuff can be engraved with one of over 20 encouraging mantras to help keep a nurse’s spirits up.