Craft Better: Glue Guns to Take Projects to the Next Level

Get crafty!

Whether you’re helping your little one create a craft masterpiece or working on your own projects, a glue gun can be helpful to have in your arsenal of everyday tools. It can hold together a DIY repair, and can meld a variety of materials together. Understanding how you’ll be using your glue gun—woods and metals require higher heat than more delicate paper and fabrics—and who may be around you when you use it can help you choose one that’s safe to use and smart for your project of choice.

Versatile for Multiple Materials

Compatible for a range of projects, from woodworking to arts and crafts; heats up in 3 to 5 minutes. CCBETTER


Heat-up time is important: you don’t want to wait endless minutes for the glue gun to get hot enough to use. Look for a model that heats up in less than five minutes. Also consider the safety features. Some glue guns have an on-off switch that can prevent burns, even when the glue gun is plugged into a power source.

Safe Power Switch

This compact model has a trigger propulsion device and stand bracket to minimize messes. CCBETTER


The nozzle of a glue gun is important for providing just the right stream of glue. A sharp nozzle may be useful for precision if you’re working on small projects. A bracket for standing can help minimize counter mess as you work.

For Outdoor Projects

Multi-temperature options provide adaptability when indoors and out. Gorilla


A glue gun is only as good as the glue you use. Many glue guns come with sticks included. Before you pop in the included sticks, make sure the glue is being used as intended. Some glue sticks, for example, are made to be weather-resistant to work well for outdoor projects and DIY repairs.