Feel Better: Get Relief from an At-Home Neck and Back Massager

They’re the next best thing to a live-in masseur.

Neck and back discomfort can develop whether you’re doing physically demanding work or you’re sitting in the same position all day. Thankfully, you can find pain relief with personal massagers. Keep the following considerations in mind when finding the right one for you.

Relaxing Warmth

This product boasts infrared warming functions to reduce soreness. Nekteck


Thermotherapy can be an important element in pain relief. The addition of heat to your massage can help increase blood flow and decrease joint stiffness. The cozy feeling of having something warm wrapped around you is also just plain relaxing.

On the Go Relief

Rollers embedded in this product can relieve muscle soreness. Naipo


If you have specific areas that are causing you discomfort, look into canes that can help you apply pressure to those hard-to-reach problem spots. Intuitive to use and simple in form, a cane provides a no-nonsense approach to self-massage.

Great Gift

This gadget can be used anywhere that needs some TLC. Zyllion


Multi-directional kneading can help relax tight muscles. Make sure to look for adjustable speeds so you can find a rhythm that’s right for your needs.

Also Consider

High-End Power

This option can last up to three hours on a single charge. Legiral