One thing you should do this summer, based on your zodiac sign

byMaressa Brown|
One thing you should do this summer, based on your zodiac sign
Perhaps more than any other season, summer feels like a prime opportunity to explore. Something about all those extra hours of daylight paired with warm weather bumps up our appetite to get out of our comfort zones and seek out new vacation destinations, be more playful and joyful in how we connect with loved ones, and chase after our wildest fantasies. We can be so fired-up to broaden our horizons that it might be tough to zero in on the dream we most want to make come true. It can help to look to the planets for guidance, especially as there are major shifts coming this summer, thanks to two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde. Here, the No. 1 thing you should prioritize on your summer bucket list this year, based on your zodiac sign. iclipart
Aries Zodiac sign
Aries (March 21–April 19)

Your Summer Must-Do: Pursue your dream career goal. Envisioning your boldest professional dream comes naturally around July 16 when the full moon and partial lunar eclipse are in your career zone. It’s possible you’ve been thinking about taking your goals to the next level since January, and the time has come for big changes. Send in that business proposal, apply for that promotion, or make a presentation that will get higher-ups’ attention. Thanks to the moves you make now, you’ll be able to carve out an exciting, successful, satisfying new path for yourself.

Taurus zodiac sign
Taurus (April 20–May 20)

Your Summer Must-Do: Nest and foster your closest bonds. Your focus will be on spending time with loved ones and making your home even more of a tranquil sanctuary than it already is, while Mercury is retrograde in your home zone from July 7 to 31. Whether you’ve been wanting to redecorate or reconnect with a relative with whom you’ve fallen out of touch, now’s the time. You’ll also do well to talk through dreams and goals with family members and friends who you feel have your back. The result: feeling more confident when it comes to following your heart—and enjoying stronger bonds to boot.

Gemini zodiac sign
Gemini (May 21–June 20)

Your Summer Must-Do: Get more intimate. You’ll be zeroed in on enjoying all the physical, mental, and emotional benefits that a truly deep connection affords around July 16, when the full moon and partial lunar eclipse are in your intimacy zone. You’re usually open to whatever, but now you’re craving something more intense and even permanent. Whether you’ve been wanting to get closer to your existing partner or meet someone who feels more like a soulmate than a casual fling, putting that desire out there in an assertive way feels truly empowering—and can help you manifest what you’ve been fantasizing about.

cancer zodiac sign
Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Your Summer Must-Do: Redefine your biggest personal goal. You know that ultimate dream you’ve wanted to achieve for, well, ever? This summer, it’s time to think about what you actually want now and how you can realistically achieve it around July 2 when the new moon and solar eclipse fall in your sign. This time might also signal something of an upheaval related to your identity and how you perceive yourself and how you want others to see you, which can feel heavy and intimidating. But you’ll be motivated to do it, because it’s all in the name of growth.

leo zodiac sign
Leo (July 23–August 22)

Your Summer Must-Do: Give your wellness plan a powerful makeover. Getting stuck on the same spin classes, herbal supplements or clean recipes that you’ve enjoyed for months or years is understandable, but around July 16, when the full moon and partial lunar eclipse are in your health zone, you’ll be inspired to shake up your routine in a dramatic way. Change for change sake isn’t the idea, necessarily. It’s more about finding the everyday fitness and healthy eating regimens that make you feel happy, satisfied, and grounded. Once you do that, you’ll feel empowered and even more prepared to hit the ambitious goals you’ve set.

virgo zodiac sign
Virgo (August 23–September 22)

Summer Must-Do: Embrace spontaneity in romance. By nature, you’re a planner, but around July 16, the full moon and partial lunar eclipse will light up your romance zone, and you’ll be wishing (even more than usual) that you were cast in a rom-com in which magical, heart-stopping moments just pop up out of the blue. Let go of mapping out agendas, and do your best to go with the flow (like saying “yes” to that impromptu weekend road trip or “no” to extra work when you can spend the day with your partner at the beach). It sets the stage for real-life spur-of-the-moment sparks.

libra zodiac sign
Libra (September 23–October 22)

Summer Must-Do: Reconnect with old friends. Sure, you can like one another’s photos on Facebook and have texting marathons, but when it comes to really bonding with your BFFs, you’ll want to carve out legit quality time (think having a girls’ trip or putting wine nights on the calendar) while communicator planet Mercury is retrograde in your friendship zone from July 7 to 19. Even besties or former colleagues from whom you haven’t heard in a while could resurface, and the reunion could spark an imaginative collaboration. Reveling in all of these opportunities can feel truly restorative emotionally.

Scorpius zodiac sign
Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

Summer Must-Do: Learn new skills. Getting ahead on your career goals is pretty much always at the top of your mind, but this summer, a major theme for you will be seeing what you can learn to take your work goals to the next level, given that communicator planet Mercury moves backward through your higher education zone from July 19 to 31. You might even do well to reconnect with an old mentor to pick their brain, re-read an inspiring book or retake a stimulating course. Retracing your steps in this way isn’t regressing—it’s actually helping you sharpen your focus and knowledge, so you’ll be even more of a force in the long-run.

sagittarius zodiac sign
Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Summer Must-Do: Go on an adventure. It’s your M.O. to hit the road or a flight to enjoy an eye-opening escapade, so you’ll be right in your element this summer, thanks to action planet Mars moving through your adventure zone from July 1 to August 17. Whether you’ve been dreaming about a week by that lake you and your family adore, going camping with your partner or globe-trotting to a faraway destination you’ve always wanted to visit, you’ll have the drive and vision to make it happen. At the same time, you’ll be itching to learn, so prioritize museum visits, books you’ve been wanting to read and other activities that satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

Capricorn zodiac sign
Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

Summer Must-Do: Prioritize partnership. Your independence and strong work ethic often prevent you from yearning too much for one-on-one time, but you’ll be reflecting on how your closest relationship—with a significant other or best friend—can have you feeling even more supported around July 2 when the new moon and total solar eclipse are in your partnership zone. Feeling centered in relying on that special someone can be a real breakthrough right now. It can boost your confidence and your feeling of centeredness when it comes to going after your personal goals. Meanwhile, leaning on your partner and allowing them to lean on you can do wonders to strengthen your bond.

Aquarius zodiac sign
Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

Summer Must-Do: Tune into your intuition. Solo time that feels emotionally and mentally restorative (think journaling, meditating or even getting lost in your daydreams), will be integral to your wellness this summer, especially around July 16 when the full moon and partial lunar eclipse falls in your spirituality zone. You’ll also do well to get more comfortable listening to and trusting your intuition, as well as your dreams. The insights they provide could be helpful in making key decisions related to your personal goals and relationships in the weeks and months ahead.

pisces zodiac sign
Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Summer Must-Do: Own your creativity. You’re known for your dreamy, imaginative outlook on life, but this summer’s vibe encourages you to make your voice heard and to put your most creative vision out there, especially around July 2 when the new moon and total solar eclipse are in your romance and self-expression zone. Don’t shy away from running with that artistic idea you’ve had in your back pocket or going back to the drawing board on a passion project that really gets your heart racing. In fact, your heart racing is a sure sign you’re moving down a destined path.