Find the Right Rug for Any Room

Nothing brings a room together better.

Rugs can be a beautiful, useful addition to any room. They keep your feet comfortable and dampen sound. They protect your floors while adding a whole new aesthetic dimension. Here’s how to find the right one to decorate your floors.

High Pile

This high-pile carpet is ideal for low-traffic areas, like dens and master bedrooms. Unique Loom


Your lifestyle should be the biggest consideration when picking out the pile height of your rug. High piles wear down quicker and are harder to clean but are softer and warmer on your feet. Low piles are much easier to clean, so they are good options for those with kids and pets who frequently make messes. They also work better under furniture. Medium piles are popular because they offer the benefits of both high and low piles.

Versatile Shape

This low-pile rug is an economic option for hallways, entry ways, in front of or under dressers or media centers and in other narrow areas. Safavieh


Use rugs to visually define existing spaces in your home. For example, don’t get a rug that’s so large that it touches the baseboards and keep the size of the rug equal to the floor space around it so it maintains a sense of balance. Also, consider contrasting shapes: A round rug can complement a square table, while a circular coffee table might look nice on top of a rectangular area rug.

Easy to Clean

This low-pile carpet has rubber backing to keep it from sliding around (and to prevent you from slipping). Ottomanson


If you’re looking to fill a larger, frequently populated space like a living room, opt for a statement-making patterned rug with a low pile. Low pile carpets should measure in at less than a quarter of an inch in height, and fit seamlessly under furniture.