Find the Best Laundry Hamper for Your Space

Don’t leave your dirty laundry out for everyone to see.

Closeup of a full laundry basket
Make laundry day run smoother by keeping all your dirty clothes in one place.Unsplash/Annie Sprat

Laundry day may be a hassle, but gathering up all your dirty clothes doesn’t have to be! Consolidate your clothes and make your laundry routine more organized with a hamper. Here’s how to find one that’s gonna meet your needs.

Handy Laundry Collapsible Mesh Foldable Hamper 14" x 14' x 24" Navy Blue

Space Saver

This wallet-friendly option has handles and stores flat, making it ideal for small living areas.Handy Laundry

The distance between your hamper’s location and your washing machine, whether it’s in a nearby closet or a laundromat five blocks away, should be the first factor in picking out a hamper. A simple handled hamper may be perfect for a short walk down the hall, but if you have heavy loads to carry, a hamper with wheels could be a real lifesaver.

Caroeas Laundry Sorter, Laundry Hamper 3-Bag with Card Pocket & Leather Handle

Separates Colors

This one has a trio of compartments for quick and easy sorting.Caroeas

Believe us, it’s way less daunting to sort your clothes as you’re done wearing them rather than waiting until laundry day and doing it all at once. Sorting using a multi-compartment hamper is especially useful to make sure that a dreaded red sock doesn’t end up in the whites or that a hand-wash only item doesn’t get ruined in the dryer.

DOKEHOM 17.7-Inches Large Laundry Basket (9 Colors), Drawstring Waterproof Round Cotton Linen Collapsible Storage Basket

Cool Designs

Washing day doesn’t have to be drab thanks to these adorable patterned hampers.DOKEHOM

If you’re going to go through the trouble of hiding your dirty laundry, you might as well hide it in something stylish! A cute hamper serves as an incentive to keep your clothes off the floor. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to suit any decor.