Express Yourself the Easy Way…With a Paint by Numbers Masterpiece

Painting made as easy as 1,2,3.

byShea Duncan|
Express Yourself the Easy Way…With a Paint by Numbers Masterpiece
Make your own stunning piece of art. Pixabay

Creative expression shouldn’t be limited to anyone. Paint by numbers sets are a relaxing way to make beautiful masterpieces, whether you’re already an artistic genius or a stick figure is the height of your drawing ability. Consider the following when embarking on your artistic journey.

This comprehensive set comes with hooks to hang the finished product on your wall.

Children, people with restricted dexterity, or people who want a quick activity should pick paint by numbers with large areas to fill. But for those who enjoy detailed, repetitive motions, look for sets with smaller areas. The smaller the sections to fill in are, the more photo-realistic the finished product will look.

When you paint, consider filling in the darkest and largest areas first. This will ensure small and lightly colored remain sharp.

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No mixing or second coats necessary.

It might go without saying, but keep the finished product in mind. If you are planning on displaying your masterpiece, look for colors that will compliment your decor. At the very least, a beautiful image will provide incentive to finish the piece.

Comes already wrapped, making it easy to send as a present.

Consider what accessories are included in your paint set. Look for sets that include multiple sized paintbrushes. You’ll need a variety to fill in areas of different sizes. Flat, sturdy paint boards will be easier than canvases for beginner painters. Canvases may need to be ironed and stretched in a frame for display but will give the painting a museum-quality look.