Three Things To Consider When Buying An Egg Decorating Kit

A variety of different types of egg decorating kits can make coloring eggs more fun than ever before.

byClay Bell|
Three Things To Consider When Buying An Egg Decorating Kit
Too pretty to only display once a year. Karolina Bobek, Unsplash

For many people, decorating eggs is as fun as hiding them or hunting for them. The wide variety of beautiful creations you can make gives many a true feeling of satisfaction. But just dipping eggs into colored water and waiting for them to turn a lovely color isn’t all there is to it anymore. Modern-day egg decorating kits utilized different tools to make more interesting creations than ever before. When shopping for an egg decorating kit, consider these factors to pick the best one for you.

This assortment includes brightly hued pens for creating unique masterpieces.

Whereas in the past coloring eggs was mostly a matter of dying them various colors, marker sets can help you make much more unique creations. Some even have the ability to turn the egg for you, making it easy for even the youngest of children to make a cool design of their own. Best of all, you have none of the mess associated with mixing dyes and dipping eggs into them, tipping a few over, and badly staining the counter in the process. Make sure whatever marker kit you choose uses nontoxic markers since kids are likely to not only help with decorating but will be touching the eggs during your egg hunt.

This set rotates your oval canvas to let you make incredible artwork for hiding or display.

Yes, it’s true: Some companies make egg coloring kits that hold and turn the egg for you, letting you hold the marker and make your very own unique creation. These “spinners,” as they’re called, are great for young children to develop their fine motor skills and can allow them to make a unique creation without having to be able to draw a design. And most sets include non-toxic markers, which won’t harm kids if they get some on them—which is likely going to happen! Best of all: Most such kits are suitable for coloring real eggs or plastic ones.

This conventional set features ingredients that are food safe and nontoxic.

For the egg-coloring purist, there’s nothing more beautiful than an egg left in dye for a long time that comes out with a deep, beautiful color to it. If that’s you, regular dye kits are still available—and still quite popular. Most dye kits include dye tablets, adhesive shapes, egg stands, egg dippers, drying trays, and other items necessary to make beautiful eggs. They’re extremely easy to use, although younger children should do so only under adult supervision. Most dye tablets found in such kits are also food safe and nontoxic, so eating the eggs after dying them is not only fine but a welcome treat that takes many back to fond memories of their childhood.