Easy-to-use Phone Tripods for Great Selfies, Videos and Group Photos

Find your best angles with these foolproof phone stands.

A hands-free phone stand is one of the easiest ways to find your best selfie angle—or record the new dance you’ve been practicing. And if you’re with your family or a small group, a phone stand can help you take crisp, blur-free photos. Here are a few phone suggestions to help you continue churning out great shots.


At just over 1 pound, it’s easy to slip into a bag or backpack and take anywhere. UBeesize

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You don’t need much photography experience to get the hang of a traditional tripod—simply plant the tripod’s three legs and snap the photo. These will be handy in most settings, from capturing a moment during a family reunion to taking photos while on a hike. For more advanced filming and vlogging, look for a stand with separate lock controls for smooth panning and tilting.

Every Angle

The bendable, high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy stretches to just over 33 inches at full length. Lamicall

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Sometimes, the environment around you demands flexibility when it comes to taking a photo or filming. There isn’t always level ground or an ideal place to prop up a tripod for both photos and videos. That’s where clip-on stands and flexible-leg tripods come in—you’re able to adjust to just about anything.

Vlogger Material

From close-up personal shots to group-oriented captures, this useful tool can stretch over 3 feet away. Bluehorn

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The glorious selfie stick has not faded into the backs of our memories just yet—and for good reason. This innovative yet simple accessory helps you avoid the awkward scenario of asking an unwilling stranger to take a photo of your group; it turns any phone’s camera that doesn’t have a wide-angle option into one that does. But for a truly versatile piece of equipment, consider a selfie stick with bonus collapsible legs so it can act as a tripod.