Doodle Better: Dotted Notebooks for Bullet Journaling and Sketching

Go ahead, skip the lines!

Whether you’re taking notes, making plans, or journaling just because, all you need to get started is the right dotted notebook.

Minimal Favorite

Elegant design with stickers and a table of contents for organization. Leuchtturm1917


At school, your teachers probably advised using one notebook per subject. But your dotted notebook can contain multitudes, if you’d like. Some even come with extras, like page numbers, a table of contents, and stickers for organizing in sections.

Secure Protection

Iconic design with perfectly textured paper for writing with pens and pencils. Moleskine


Lined notebooks are great for writing and taking notes, but dotted notebooks can do anything. First things first, think about what materials you’d like to use on those crisp, blank pages. Most any paper will do for ballpoint pens or pencils, but experts recommend looking for a notebook with heavyweight paper if you plan to use markers or paint pens that might bleed through.

Multiple Colors

Premium details with high-quality pages for use with markers and paint pens. Paperage


It’s easier to start a regular doodling or bullet journaling habit if you can take your notebook with you. So consider buying a portable size that can fit in your purse, backpack, or jacket pocket.