Organize Better: Desktop Holders to Keep Pens, Pencils and Art Supplies Tidy

Now you can keep all your arts and crafts supplies in one place.

Art projects aren’t meant to be neat—the mess is part of the fun! But it’s nice to know all your supplies are stashed in one place and easy to grab. These desktop holders keep every colored pencil and ballpoint pen standing at attention.

Quick Work

A set of nine compartments lets you color-code your supplies. Marbrasse


A desktop holder with multiple storage options lets you keep glue sticks, scissors, erasers and paper clips on the bottom, and display all your colorful pens on top. You can also stash your phone on the bottom tray.

Great for Groups

This option turns 360 degrees for easy sharing. Houtingmaan


A rotating container with enough slots to contain hundreds of colored pencils means kids won’t have to reach over each other to grab their favorite colors. You can also use this design to store office supplies, or even keep remotes sitting upright.

Versatile Setup

Removable containers make this one easy to store. Learning Resources


A plastic desktop holder is easy to clean, especially if all of the compartments are removable. Removable compartments also mean you can take things with you to another workspace if you need to.