Cute Toiletry Bags for Your Next Overnighter

Sleeping out got a lot more stylish.

byThe Editors| PUBLISHED Aug 11, 2020 1:35 PM
Cute Toiletry Bags for Your Next Overnighter
Zip up your favorite foundation and tuck in your travel-size shampoos for the ride. Liubov Ilchuk, Unsplash

A toiletry bag is one of those items that most of us don’t really think about...until it’s time to pack. Then we go searching for anything we can find that will prevent our shampoo from staining our PJs and our lipstick from rolling around our bag. Why not say goodbye to the mad dash and instead buy a reusable bag with a bit of personality?

Four separate pouches will spark joy in anyone who loves order when it comes to packing.

Look for toiletry bags with a hook (if it swivels, even better!) so you can hang up your bag on the back of the door or a towel peg instead of cluttering up your vanity. Some options come with travel accessories like bottles for your shampoo, conditioner and soap, so you don’t have to worry about buying those separately.

This hooked style features soft fabric, durable mesh, zippers and Velcro, plus loads of pockets to stash all your stuff.

As with luggage, toiletry bags are often part of a larger set of multiple, sold-separately pieces, so if you’re a coordination queen or need more spill-proof space, catch ‘em all. How else will you separate your morning and nighttime skincare regimens?

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Water-resistant polyester and lining keep all your gels and oils secure.

Toiletry-bag dimensions can vary depending on the number of features inside, so figure out what you need before you buy, or invest in multiple-size options for long and short trips.