Comfortable Headsets for Kids

Good for gaming, schooling and listening to music.

Booming sound quality, a padded headband and baby-soft ear cushions are all important qualities to look for in a kids’ headset—and they’re surprisingly easy to find on a budget. We’ve rounded up the best headsets with microphones for your kids to join in on online classes and games.

Basic Buy

The slider and soft material make it easy for your kid to adjust the fit. PeohZarr

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An in-line microphone is ideal for amplifying quiet kids (or kids who move around a lot) during online classes or FaceTime sessions with friends. This pair also allows your kid to play and pause audio, skip songs and pick up calls from a single button in the mic.

Not Too Heavy

Comes with a cute and convenient carrying case. Uomeod

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Wireless Bluetooth headphones are great for kids who like to move around a lot during class. This pair has Bluetooth 5.0, which means your child can hear and be heard from up to 800 feet away (though of course, the closer they are, the clearer the audio will be).

Made for Winners

An omnidirectional mic is ultra-sensitive to sound. BENGOO

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Avid gamers will appreciate the noise-cancelling feature and omnidirectional mic, which can be adjusted a full 120 degrees to pick up your voice. Gaming headphones are designed to be worn for hours, so they won’t trap heat or cause head or ear fatigue during a school day.