Comfortable Desk Chairs for Your Home or Office

Find something ergonomic and functional.

byJeremy Helligar|
Comfortable Desk Chairs for Your Home or Office
Step up your office or at-home work space with a functional chair. Jeff Sheldon, Unsplash

A good office chair promotes decent posture and offers support. Some of the most helpful features include adjustable height, a reclining seat back and lumbar support to prevent lower back pain. Even after you’ve ticked all the right boxes, you still have to settle on the best chair for your particular work space. Options range from ones that pack in all the trimmings to ones that complement minimalist tastes. Let’s explore.

This model has padded everything: padded neck support, padded flip-up arms and padded lumbar support.

For those who like to control everything about their working space, look for a chair with an adjustable headrest, height and arms. People with larger bodies may also want to consider a model with arms that flip up so you’re sure to feel comfortable and never pinched or crowded. Flip-up arms also let you push the chair in closer to the desk when you’re done working, to save some space.

The curved waterfall seat is designed to ease pressure off the backs of your legs.

Mesh back chairs are very popular, and for good reason. The flexibility can help spread your body weight across a larger area, reducing pressure on your spine and hips—plus some people just like the way it looks. Softer mesh is more comfortable for people who sit for long periods, but it tends to sag over time. Whether you go hard or soft, the breathability of mesh also makes it the ideal chair choice for warmer climates

Perfect for small rooms, this model has a sleek, modern five-point aluminum base.

Armless chairs are usually the more economical option because they require less fabric and fewer working parts. But they also have other design advantages. They take up less space, look nice in ultra-modern, minimalist office settings, and can fit with desks of any height.

Also Consider:

One of the biggest advantages of mesh is temperature regulation. So if you work hot, think mesh.
Picky sitters will like the multiple ways to make this their own.