Chocolate Gift Boxes to Make a Friend or Loved One’s Day

Show some love…with a box of chocolates.

byChristine Green|
Chocolate Gift Boxes to Make a Friend or Loved One’s Day
It’s like love in a box. Jennifer Pallian, Unsplash

One of the best things about a gift box or basket of chocolate treats is that it works perfectly in so many situations. Mom isn’t feeling well? Send her a heart-shaped box of truffles. Real estate agent found your dream home in a week? A basket of fancy cocoa cookies. Forgot your father-in-law’s birthday? Chocolate covered toffees to the rescue.

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With fudge-covered pretzels and nuts, almond bark, drizzled caramel corn and brittle, this classy collection will please any sweet tooth.

Gift baskets of food have been a popular business gift for clients, coworkers and other professional associates for generations. And for good reason! You don’t have to know too much about the recipient’s personal life or tastes—pretty much everyone likes snacks—and there’s often enough to share.

One dozen decorated mouthfuls with toppings like candied orange, sliced almonds and sugared cranberries.

A box of chocolates doesn’t have to be candy—sometimes it can be cookies! Feel free to think outside the truffle when looking for chocolate gifts to send to someone with a sweet tooth. Some other options: dipped sandwich cookies, biscotti boxes, chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolate strawberries and more.

Your special someone will think of you as they dunk these sweets in their coffee.

Feel like straying from the traditional chocolate truffle? Opt for a decadent biscuit, coated in dark, milk or white chocolate and studded with nuts and crushed candies. Your loved one won’t be able to choose a favorite.