Live Better: Three Things to Know About Car Trunk Organizers

Keep that junk in the trunk organized.

We’re big believers in anything that helps keep things in their place—things like ice scrapers, spare shoes, grocery bags, a small tool kit and all the other stuff that tends to roll around in a car trunk and make it messy like the inside of a teenager’s closet. Not only is such disarray unsightly and annoying, it’s downright dangerous. The solution is a smartly designed trunk organizer, which collapses down relatively flat for easy storage when not in use. When you’re ready to deal with that junk in your trunk, here are three things to think about when you’re choosing a trunk organizer.

Works in Various Locations

Different connect points and configurations allow you to fit the caddy throughout the car, including as a front seat companion or backseat carryall. Drive Auto Products

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One of the first things to look for is a secure tie-down system. There’s to reason to spend time and money on an organizer only for it to slide around the car and spill its contents all over the place. The best organizers come with tie-down straps, clips, and buckles that attach to the provided U-clip and D-rings in many newer vehicles. But even in older cars and trucks there are enough tie-down points to lock an organizer in place–as long as it comes with a smart tie down system.

Available in Two Sizes

Clip and go with this durable Oxford polyester option, which can stand up to wear and tear. TRUNKCRATEPRO

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There’s no reason to invest in a large organizer that can’t be customized into just-right-for-you compartments. You’ll definitely want rigid side walls and some permanently-mounted inside dividers to lend strength and durability. But make sure there are movable interior side panels so you can retrofit the organizer’s interior spaces specifically for your needs. Exterior pockets and pouches are a bonus.

Comes in Three Colors

Unit has loads of pockets and hangs from a row’s headrests, so as to not take up square footage on the floor. Starling’s

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If you’re just as likely to use an organizer in the front or back seat, look for models that partially collapse to fit different spaces. Many are even outfitted with behind-the-seats straps and buckles that allow the organizer to ride just as securely in the passenger or back seat as in the trunk or boot of the SUV.