Organize Better: Car Trash Cans to Tidy Up Your Ride

Because your car deserves better than a plastic bag!

byThe Editors| PUBLISHED Aug 27, 2020 2:08 PM
Organize Better: Car Trash Cans to Tidy Up Your Ride
No more apologizing for your messy car when passengers get in!. Jie Zhang, Unsplash

Sure, any old bag can serve as a makeshift car trash can. But a designated garbage collector is a valuable investment. From odor-minimization to features to clutter control, a car trash can makes it simple to keep your ride clean no matter what your errand run may bring.

No Spills
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Two gallon capacity minimizes mess; bottom fasteners keep bin in place.

Waterproof material matters when it comes to car trash cans, especially if you’re tossing your coffee cups in there. For added protection against spills, add a trash liner.

Holds Everything
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Fits next to driver or in backseat; pleather wipes clean and roomy pocket holds trash or essentials.

A car seat trash can may perform double duty as a carryall or car seat organizer. Look for sturdy materials like pleather or polyester to wick away stains and straps to ensure the bag stays upright, even on bumpy roads.

Zip it Up
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Exterior pouches provide room for water bottles and necessities.

Out of sight, out of mind...and nose. A zippered trash can helps minimize odor and makes it easy to keep messes contained. Of course, a car trash can operates on the same principle as a regular trash can: regularly emptying it and sanitizing the inside can help prolong the product’s life and keep it smelling fresh.