Car Footwell Illumination Kits to Trick Out Your Ride

Bow chicka bow wow.

byJohn Sass| PUBLISHED Sep 2, 2020 2:37 PM
Car Footwell Illumination Kits to Trick Out Your Ride
Make your car look slick from the inside out. Markus Spiske, Pexels

Your eyeball contains over 125 million photoreceptors (called rods and cones) that receive light and turn it into a signal that’s piped up your optic nerve to your brain, making it possible for you to see—and triggering waves of hormones that affect things like your mood and energy level. Adjusting the ambient light gives you control over how your environment feels, so adding light to the footwells of your vehicle can amp up your driving experience or ensure a super relaxing ride. Footwell illumination also makes it easier to find things you drop. But most of all, it just looks rad.

This app-controlled option includes safety features like short circuit protection and components that can handle getting wet.

Any time you’re messing with electricity, the first consideration is safety. Look for kits that contain low voltage, waterproof LED strips with short circuit protection. Many kits use super low heat so the lights are touchable—which is important if you’re transporting curious kids (or adults).

This package includes a sensitive microphone so the display can be activated by your tunes or voice.

When it comes to safety, you need to be able to adjust the lighting without taking your eyes from the road. The combination of a convenient control box for one-click adjustments plus a remote control for finer tuning takes the hassle (and distraction) out of fiddling with controls. Kits that include built-in microphones mean the lights sync to your music (or voice).

Smart Install
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Flexible installation options enable 12-volt charger port plug-and-play or hardwiring setups using included fuse taps.

Tech upgrades should be easy to install and durable enough to last. Some illumination kits give the user installation options, including quick plug-and play setup using any standard charger port or an advanced hardwired installation using fuse adapters to tap into the circuit. Also look for super flexible LED strips designed to bend around the vehicle’s curves and handle temperature changes and weather conditions.