Prepare Better: Car Flashlights For Inside or Outside of Your Vehicle

An essential part of your car safety kit, your vehicle should never be without a car flashlight.

byEdmund Torr| PUBLISHED Jan 4, 2021 6:36 PM
Prepare Better: Car Flashlights For Inside or Outside of Your Vehicle
Don’t leave yourself in the dark. Pexels

Having a flashlight in the car—along with a blanket, a jump kit and some water—is a basic safety essential, which many of us haven’t prepared for. Whether you need to see what’s going on under the hood, change a tire or let other cars on the road know that you need help, a good flashlight could be a literal lifesaver.

This unit uses AAA batteries, so you can toss a few extras alongside the device in a safety kit and never worry about running out of juice.

Modern LED flashlights often tout their lumen counts, some veering into the thousands. This isn’t really necessary for a flashlight designed for your car, since nothing you’ll be doing with it requires an insane level of brightness. In fact, you may not want to harm your night vision or blind other drivers with a super-powered flashlight.

This product is so powerful, its beam can reach the length of two football fields.

Because a car flashlight is usually used in the outdoors, you’ll want one that’s quite sturdy and can hold up against adverse weather. Opt for one that’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it in the rain, and also look for one that’s rated to withstand drops. The last thing you want is for your light to conk out just when you need it.

With a built-in clip, you can attach this item to a hat or shirt to keep both your hands free.

Rechargeable flashlights are more popular than ever, thanks to the availability and power of built-in batteries. There are some advantages to these, for sure: you don’t have to have separate AA or AAA batteries and we all have plenty of USB chargers lying around. But before you go on any road trip, make sure these types of lights are fully charged—if your car’s dead, you may have no way to charge it up. You may also want to carry a USB battery pack, like the kind you use for your phone, with you just in case.