Burrito Blankets and Other Cozy Food-Themed Throws

Get comfy (and hungry) when you snuggle under one of these throws.

Whoever invented the burrito blanket deserves a Nobel Prize—in fun. Get in on this novelty blanket trend with one of these food-themed throws that are as soft and cozy as they are silly. They make perfect gifts for tweens and teens (and grown-ups with a good sense of humor!).

Waffles and Pizza Too!

Comes in four delicious-looking sizes. Amazon


Wrapping yourself up in a “flour tortilla” blanket will make you feel seriously warm and cozy inside and out. This best-selling round, reversible flannel throw is surprisingly realistic—and just plain wacky.

Warm and Comfy

Made from lint-free, fade-resistant material. mermaker


Can’t you just smell the pepperoni? The printing on this soft throw is eerily (and deliciously) realistic. There’s truly no better gift for your favorite pizza-lover.


Just launder it on cold and you’re good to go! Amazon


This avocado throw is a stylish and more-sophisticated take on the food-blanket trend. It comes in two sizes and is made from super-soft microfiber.