Breathable Running Shoes for Short or Long Jogs

Avoid smelly feet after an exhausting long-distance jog by choosing a running shoe with built-in ventilation.

byJeremy Helligar| PUBLISHED Apr 15, 2020 4:11 PM
Breathable Running Shoes for Short or Long Jogs
Your running shoes need to be supportive—and not leave your feet swampy. Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

When it comes to pumping us up with life-renewing endorphins, few forms of exercise beat running. Beneficial as it is, though, it can be hard on your knees, and it can stress out your entire body to the point of aching all over. Good running shoes are essential. You want a pair that fit well and provide strong, solid support while being flexible enough to give your feet a wide range of movement. Equally important is built-in ventilation that lets your feet breathe easily while you hit the road. By the time you cross the finish line, you won’t be left with smelly shoes and toes.

The Long-Run Runner

The DNA LOFT cushioning makes for smoother heel-to-toe movement.

Brooks’s popular women’s shoe might offer one of the most comfortable jogging experiences money can buy. They’ll keep you footloose and pain-free along seemingly endless roads. The double jacquard mesh provides solid ventilation, so when you reach the end of the road, your feet won’t be sweatier than than the rest of your body.

Impact Absorber

A heel counter offers extra ankle support when going up and down hills and turning sharp corners.

Saucony offers strong support so marathon runs won’t wreck your knees. Mesh-enhanced breathability, an ISOFIT design that adjusts to fit the contours of your feet and a multi-layer midsole for extra cushioning have earned this shoe near-unanimous praise. And it’s perfect for everyday runs—all that extra cushioning means this pair can withstand daily abuse.

Easy on the Joints

Their extra bounce comes courtesy of Flytefoam Propel technology.

This running shoe is loaded with custom extras. Three cushioning systems ensure that pounding the pavement during long runs won’t leave long-term damage. The mesh upper adapts to your foot for a more comfortable running experience, and the foam technology provides extra bounce in your step. Meanwhile, built-in ventilation regulates the sweat factor and keeps feet odor-free.