Blank-Card Sets for Every Occasion

Let’s bring back letter writing! Brighten a loved one’s day with some sweet snail mail.

Emails, texts, DMs…it’s safe to say that most of us correspond with friends and family almost purely digitally. But think about the joy of receiving a card in the mail—it’s unrivaled! Be the person bringing that joy by purchasing a set of blank cards so you’re ready to send a note for all life’s moments, big and small.

Solid on Both Sides

There’s a color scheme for every taste, from vibrant brights to earth tones to pastels. American Greetings


A single-panel card (picture the flashcards you study with) is a nice option if you want to keep things short and sweet. Add a little oomph to a plain set by mixing and matching a card that’s one color with an envelope that’s another. You can also decorate one side with fun stickers!

Whimsical Patterns

Hot air balloons, strawberries, hearts—this pretty pack from a small family-owned business has personality in spades. Dessie


If the weight of the card stock is important to you, use this as a guide: 250 GSM (or grams per square meter) is standard for most greeting cards. 350 GSM is typically the thickest available. Thicker paper can stand up to fun illustrations with pastels or watercolors.

Made With Recycled Content

These cuties boast adorable illustrations accompanied by encouraging words, some sweet dad jokes. The Best Card Company


Sealing an envelope with a sticker instead of saliva adds an extra little punch of specialness. If you’re feeling fancy, use a metallic gold or silver seal! And don’t forget to bust out the colored pens or pencils when you write your special message inside.