Three Features to Look for in a Bird Feeder

Here’s all you need to know to pick up chicks.

Bird watching can be an easy and rewarding stress-buster with minimal setup and effort. And if you think you need a big yard to make it happen, you may be delighted to discover that all you really need is a window to get going.

No Tools Required

A ventilation system helps to keep items fresher for longer. Brome


A lightweight and adjustable design ensures that only creatures that fly can get a snack at this station—or on this station. In fact, if a squirrel happens to pounce on this feeder, an automatic mechanism will shut the opening to the food.

Instant Observatory

No yard required for this compact and nimble option. Nature’s Hangout


Having a backyard is no longer a requirement with this versatile unit that’s easy to set up pretty much anywhere you have glass. Plus, the removable tray makes it a breeze to clean.

Removable Roof

This product can be hung or mounted. Perky-Pet


If you’ve got a bit of outdoor space to spare, consider giving your winged friends the gift of a house-shaped food dispenser that protects the goodies from bushy-tailed invaders.