Wireless Phone Chargers to Restore Power Fast

Rid your space of cord clutter.

byJeremy Helligar| PUBLISHED Mar 17, 2021 8:00 PM
Wireless Phone Chargers to Restore Power Fast
So much more aesthetically pleasing than a clunky adapter. Mikey Wu

Few things in daily life and electronic use are more frustrating than having to charge your phone when your laptop is out of vacant USB ports and you can’t find a usable adapter. Having to deal with all those stray phone chargers and untangling a mass of wires comes a close second. Wireless phone chargers, which are typically designed as a pad or stand that you plug in to power, remove the need to deal with all that pesky stuff. But as with all devices meant to bring more convenience to our lives, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Speedy Mode
While you won’t be able to freely take and make calls while it reboots, you can still browse the Internet and flip it on its side to watch videos and movies.

Wireless chargers get rid of cords and can work faster than their corded USB counterparts, but there are a few key drawbacks. You still need a direct power source, and you can't use the phone to make and receive calls while it's charging unless it’s in speaker mode. Because of the decreased mobility of a phone that’s being revived by a wireless charger, they’re best when used overnight while you’re sleeping, or in a pinch when you don’t need to use your phone.

Great Value
To ensure stable functioning, remove cases with any metal attachments and place your mobile in the center of the device.

Although many wireless chargers are designed to power up one phone at a time, you can purchase one that can simultaneously charge multiple devices, including earbuds and watches. This is good news for busy families who don’t want to line up to charge their phones. Of course, higher charging quantity typically requires a larger pad, and you’ll pay more for the added convenience.

For Multiple Devices
An adjustable metal support plate holds up your mobile, and it’s still portable enough to fit into your backpack.

Before buying a wireless charger make sure it is compatible with your devices. A Qi (pronounced "chee") is the most universal and works with Samsung, Apple, and other electronic brands. Also, a higher wattage charger works more quickly. Chargers offering 7.5 and 10 watts are widely available, and the Qi gold standard is 15. If a charger can deliver up to 10 watts of electricity, you'll be in excellent shape.