The Best Wi-Fi Signs for Your Home or Office

These stylish signs keep your password easily accessible so you never have to worry about denying yourself—or guests—that all-important internet access.

byLauren Brown West-Rosenthal| PUBLISHED Feb 21, 2020 5:28 PM
The Best Wi-Fi Signs for Your Home or Office
Now you’ll never have to go searching for your password. Getty Images

Real talk—knowing your Wi-Fi password is just as important as knowing your phone number or address. And, whether you change your password frequently for security, you have family members/co-workers with a tendency to forget or as a courtesy, want guests to have immediate access to this info, wifi signs have become a necessity. Sure, you could just scrawl your network and password on a white board or even, gasp, a sticky note, but why not give this valuable bit of information a nicer place of honor? These Wi-Fi signs not only coordinate with your decor but also make it easy to share any time your Wi-Fi info changes.

Mud Pie WiFi Home Decor Plaque

The chalkboard at the bottom of the sign can fit more info than just the internet network/password if needed.

We love the sentiment of this 8”-by-5.5” sign, declaring in a whimsical font, “Home is Where the Wi-Fi Is.” If you live in a household dominated by internet-powered activities, from TV watching to gaming to of course email checking and internet surfing, then this is necessary info to have prominently on display. This sign has a homey feel with a white-washed frame, and it can easily hang on your wall.

Modern American Style Bright Color Printing WiFi Sign

A great size for any home or office at only 10” square.

This classic sign, featuring the universal symbol for Wi-Fi, is sure to stand out in your home or office. It’s bold yet simple, serving as a great reminder for those who can never remember how to access the internet or guests who can’t wait. It mounts with an easy adhesive strip and uses dry-erase markers.

Primitives by Kathy Wood Photo Holder Block, The WIFI Password Is

This photo block comes with one card to get you started—use the card of your choice when changing or updating your info.

If you don’t have the wall space, this black-and-white photo block is a simple and effective way to showcase your internet info. The block prominently features “The WIFI Password Is...” in a distressed, farmhouse style. On top is a spiral wire holder to place a card with the info your guests are seeking. Looks great on a shelf, desk or coffee table, so it seamlessly blends in while getting the job done.