Three Best Video Game Systems for Families

An enriching video game experience starts with a great console.

Parents playing video game with son and daughter (7-9),  boy cheering
Bring a new meaning to family game night with these consoles!Getty Images

When you’re on the market for a video game console, you might be looking for crisp graphics, smooth framerate and the ability to play the game anywhere you go. Or you could just be looking for a new way to bring the whole family together and finally experience the games your kids are obsessed with yourself. Below, we rounded up three of the best family-friendly video game systems to make screen time more special.

XBox One All-Digital Edition

Reduce Clutter

No need to buy separate game discs—this one’s all digital.Amazon

Any parent who has found video game discs or DVDs tossed here and there—and inevitably scratched up—knows what it means to finally have an all-digital option. We already stream most of our family movies: Now you can download video games too, without the need for separate discs. Plus, this bundle comes with download codes for family-friendly games already built in: Fortnite and Minecraft.

Nintendo Switch

User-Friendly Fun

This console is intuitive to use even for video game newbies, thanks to the handheld screen and controllers.Amazon

If you’re a video game novice, you might feel intimidated by all the high-tech gaming systems out there. But the Nintendo Switch is sleek, portable and super user-friendly. You can hook it up to your TV to enjoy an immersive gaming experience, or bring it with you on a road trip to keep the kids entertained for up to nine hours. The set comes with two controllers for two people, but if you have a larger family, (or you find yourself arguing with your kids over whose turn it is to play), you may want to pick up a few more.


For Top Gamers

The graphics and gaming options on this console are unmatched.Amazon

If your kids are gaming experts, they’ve probably already raved to you about the level of detail and power this console enriches every video game with. Let them share their passion with you—the gaming library has over 1,500 game options, so you’re sure to find one you’ll all enjoy.