The Best Blankets to Snuggle Up Under Tonight

You deserve a dose of comfort when the day is done. Here are the best blankies for singles, families, couples and more.

byChristine Green|
The Best Blankets to Snuggle Up Under Tonight
Stay cozy and content in these plush blankets. Getty Images

A good blanket doesn’t just keep you warm—it’s a conversation piece, a mood-setter, a child’s fantasy fort. Which throw do you want to burrow under right now?

You can’t be grumpy when you look like a snack.

Wrapping yourself up in a “flour tortilla” blanket will make you feel seriously warm and cozy inside and out. This round, reversible flannel throw is surprisingly realistic—and just plain wacky.

These are known to make people feel calmer.

Pressure from a weighted blanket may trigger the body’s “relaxation response,” helping people calm down faster and feel more relaxed, research suggests. The rule of thumb is to choose one that weighs about 10 percent of your body weight plus one pound, manufacturers say. At 15 pounds, this option is perfect for someone who weighs around 140. There are plenty of larger and smaller sizes, too.

This cozy pick is big enough to prevents fights over who is hogging the covers.

If you’ve ever tried to share a too-small couch throw with a partner, you know the struggle to stay warm—and get enough blanket!—is real. That’s one reason we like this super affordable pick: At 5 feet wide by 4 feet deep, it’ll easily ensconce two adults. Loyal fans say the fleece microfiber is so cushy and soft that we’re getting sleepy just writing about it.

You can wear it or get under it.

Wearable blankets are back. And they’re way better than before. This soft fleece pick has the usual sweater-like armholes, but swaps out a “blanket” style bottom for cozy foot pockets that will keep even the iciest feet toasty. Perfect for those solo Netflix sessions, or even working from home on a chilly day.

This is like your favorite stuffed animal as a nighttime cover.

If you’ve ever wished that you could still snuggle with your softest childhood stuffed animal again, we think we’ve found the blanket for you. The “faux fur” textile in this throw is actually a machine-washable minky-soft microfiber. Maybe you should get one for each family member? Otherwise, there may be fights.

This one is a mix of modern technology and traditional winter comfort.

For those of us who run cold in the evenings (or have old-fashioned or unreliable heating systems), there’s nothing cozier than an electric blanket. This pick is made of soft flannel fleece, has an extra-long cord (so it’s sure to make it to your outlet) and has six temperature settings so you’ll never be too hot or too cold. You’re welcome, Goldilocks.