The Most Glorious Scalp Massagers to Calm All Your Nerves

This must-have item is worthy of your precious shower time.

byKelly Bryant|
The Most Glorious Scalp Massagers to Calm All Your Nerves
Studio shot of woman applying hair oil with her fingers. Getty Images

A good massage can go a long way toward making you feel relaxed and ready to face the world, but a personal masseuse is pricey. Forget the full-body rubdown and concentrate on your scalp. Not only does it feel lovely, but a scalp massage can promote better circulation, encourage new hair growth, and banish dry, flaky skin up top. One of these hardworking scalp massagers will get your head in the game.

Your head will feel divine after being treated with this one.

Manually operated (so perfectly safe for the shower), Heeta’s Hair Scalp Massager puts you in charge of how much pressure you want to apply as you massage your head with this soft shampoo brush. Regardless of how thick or thin your mane is, the massager can work around your scalp with ease, and the ergonomic design makes it easy to hold.

A cleaning cloth is included for regular maintenance.

With so many “fingers”—a whopping 20 massaging prongs—this head massager will take you to new levels of relaxation. It’s a cinch to use too: Slowly move it back and forth along your scalp and let the product do its job. Made of metal, it’s still gentle against your scalp and easy to clean.

This one can also be used for your neck, shoulders and other body parts.

If you want to take the guesswork out of how to maneuver your scalp massager, go with this electric version. It’s waterproof, so still safe for the shower or tub, and comes equipped with a rechargeable base, so no worrying about switching out batteries. You can also use the device on your back, neck, shoulder, legs and arms to reduce pain and help improve circulation.