The Best Remote Caddies for Controlling Clutter

Searching for the remote the biggest pain point in your household? It stops now!

Keeping track of all the remotes needed to turn on all your electronics is tough—especially when there’s one for the TV, the sound system, streaming devices and more. It seems that as technology gets more sophisticated, the remotes start multiplying. And what’s worse than the eyesore of a jumbled pile of remotes on the coffee table? If you’re not organized, you’re setting yourself up to lose them all, making a remote caddy essential. They’re as functional as they are decorative, keeping all remotes together in a stylish way that blends into any room. They’re nearly guaranteed to stop the “where’s the remote?” fight. No promises on ending the “But it’s my turn to watch my show!” argument too.

Remote Control Holder 360 Degree Spinning Desk Organizer for Remote Controllers

Available in solid black or black with a brown trim on the top. Amazon


This five-compartment, spinning caddy doesn’t just fit remote controls—it can easily hold other media accessories and small electronic devices needed during TV viewing. And if your TV is in the office, use this caddy to store pens, paper and other supplies alongside your remote(s). At only 8″ wide, 7.5″ high and 6″ deep, this caddy won’t take up too much space on a coffee table or desk—and the black faux leather with delicate stitching is a chic addition to any room or space.

U NEATOPA Couch Remote Caddy Control Holder

The caddy is black faux leather. The tray attaches easily with just four snaps. Amazon


If homebase is your couch to watch TV after a long day, this remote caddy is your new best friend. It fits over the arm of any couch or sofa for easy access to remotes or other small items you need handy. The caddy features one large pocket and two small ones—but best of all, is the detachable wooden tray that sits on top. Use it for enjoying snacks and drinks. It’s easily removable and can be used for serving needs off the couch too.

Leather Crocodile Pattern 360 Degrees Rotatable Remote Control/Controller Organizer

No matter the style you choose, these caddies are durable and made to last. Amazon


Get organized with one of the most stylish remote caddies that’s available in an incredibly large variety of both colors and styles. Match it perfectly to your decor with options such as crocodile red, grey linen, marble white with gold accents and more. Functionally, it swivels around for easy access on all sides and is made from high-quality PU leather with stitched edges for a bold look. It’s perfectly sized for a coffee or side table at 6.9″ wide, 5.7″ high and 5.5″ deep. There’s four sections around the outside for smaller remotes or loose items, such as pens that you need handy, and the larger inner section fits tablets, books or magazines.