The Best Pottery Wheels for Everyone in Your Family

Creating art at home is a fun and relaxing way to cultivate creativity and self expression.

byLauren Brown West-Rosenthal|
The Best Pottery Wheels for Everyone in Your Family
If you’re looking to pick up a new hobby, making pottery is a great option. Getty Images

Watching a clay creation come to life is more than just fun—using a pottery wheel breeds creativity, encourages family bonding and even reduces stress. Having your own lets you practice when it’s convenient for you, and there are many out there especially made for kids wanting to explore their artistic sides. Pottery wheels aren’t a very expensive investment nor do they take up much space—but they’re rich in possibilities!

Recommended for aspiring artists ages 8 and up.

When kids create a piece of art all on their own, it boosts everything from their confidence to hand-eye coordination. This kid-friendly pottery wheel is battery operated and as easy to use—just squeeze the clay and then shape it to your desired design. The set comes with the wheel, 800g of clay, a cutting cord, two sculpting tools and six colors of metallic paint.

Brushless motor for stable movement and low noise.

This is a great wheel for those more advanced in their practice. It even has a foot pedal for more freedom and range of motion. At 25cm, the wheel is large enough to create bigger pieces too, and it can rotate both clockwise or counterclockwise. The design prevents mud from seeping into the fuselage, and the basin is detachable so cleaning is a breeze. It’s also compact and makes little noise, so it won’t be too distracting to others when in use.

This set has everything a family needs for fun projects.

Make cups, pots or vases with this battery-operated wheel that includes a foot pedal. This set is technically for kids but great for families looking to start a new hobby and create some art—and memories—together. The machine holds all your supplies, including soft clay, paint, brushes, sponges, tools, mosaic tiles, glue, spray bottle and more. The creative touches you can add are endless—and all it takes is overnight drying.