3 Nostalgic Board Games That Will Take You Right Back to Childhood

These board games have a dual function: they’ll catapult you on a trip down memory lane and occupy the entire family in fun ways.

There’s a reason why board games ruled: they’re fun-filled activities that appeal to all members of the family, from parents to the little ones. Can you think of a better way to spend some quality time together than tackling a game of Monopoly, Clue or even UNO?

Here, we present three of the most awesome board games out there. If you don’t already have them at home, it’s time to place an order. Fun times ahead!

Great for Little Kids

Ideal for those 6-years-old and over, this will entice folks of all ages. Amazon


The premise is a simple one: two people compete against each other to try and guess the other player’s mystery character. Trust us when we say that you’ll start considering all the fun characters as members of your extended family.

Family Fun

Did you know this is based on the ancient Indian cross and circle classic Pachisi? Amazon


Either two or four players can participate in the game at once. The objective here is to move your pawns back home, all the while following directions from a deck of cards placed in the middle. Expect to feel angry, then happy, then sad, excited and elated all in the course of a single match.

Play and Learn

This comes with a carrying case, two slide-and-store trays, 100 wooden letter tiles, 4 deluxe curved tile racks and a plush drawstring letter pouch. Amazon


It doesn’t get more traditional than Scrabble, if you ask us. And for good reason: although pretty straightforward (form as many words with the letters at your disposal), the game has a way of getting under your skin. Talk about feeling competitive!