The Best Makeup Erasers to Get Fresh-Faced Fast

These remove cosmetics so well, there won’t be a trace on your face.

byLauren Brown West-Rosenthal| PUBLISHED Feb 21, 2020 3:16 PM
The Best Makeup Erasers to Get Fresh-Faced Fast
Now there’s really no excuse for falling asleep with makeup on. Getty Images

Makeup erasers are a safe, strong and easy way to ensure your face is wiped clean or that little mistakes made during application look as if they never happened. Add them to an on-the-go makeup bag or have handy with your countertop makeup storage. Use them before bedtime to ensure you’re not clogging your pores throughout the night or when you need a clean slate to change up your look or take things from day to night.

Polyester-blend microfiber eliminates the need for one-use options.

These cloths work wonders by simply adding warm water. Use them with gentle pressure against your face and watch the makeup be gone. If you’ve caked on thick or waterproof products, no worries—just place the damp cloth on your skin for 15 seconds to break the cosmetics down then sweep in an outward motion. This is a proven way to keep your face clean without relying on the harsh chemicals found in many traditional makeup removing wipes and cleansers.

Use on your face in a circular motion.

Take off your face with the original Makeup Eraser. Just add water and this cloth removes everything from waterproof mascara to eyeliner, foundation, matte lipstick and more. These wonder-cloths can last for years if you treat them well.

Each pack contains two dozen pieces.

These eraser sticks are ideal for getting rid of the little errors we’re all prone to making while applying makeup. From overlining your lips to slipping with the eyeliner, you can easily fix your blunder and move on. These cotton-tip swabs are individually filled with Almay Oil Free Makeup Remover. Simply hold up the end with the color ring and gently snap so the makeup remover flows down to fill the opposite tip. Use the newly saturated tip to erase your makeup mistake and voila—no one will ever know!