3 Infuser Pitchers to Level Up Your Hydration Game

These three infuser pitchers will add delightful, refreshing taste to your water.

byChristin Perry|
3 Infuser Pitchers to Level Up Your Hydration Game
Boost your water with slices of your favorite fruits. Getty Images

Say goodbye to boring tap water. Add a hint of natural flavor to your H2O when you store it in an infuser pitcher. It’s designed to add fruitiness to your water without any unwanted debris.

Prodyne FI-3 Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher

No need to refill multiple times each day.

This infuser pitcher has everything you’re looking for—a large-capacity holding rod for fruits, vegetables, herbs or spices; small openings to allow for a slow infusion without unwanted particles; and a screw-on lid that keeps the rod in place in the water. With the ability to hold up to 93 ounces of water, this BPA-free acrylic pitcher makes a beautiful accompaniment to an afternoon gathering—inside or outside your home.

Hiware Glass Fruit Infuser Water Pitcher

Infuses both hot and cold liquids!

Crafted with super strong borosilicate glass, this infuser pitcher makes a great choice if you’d like to skip the plastic container. It fits almost anything you’d like to use to flavor your water. Plus, the screw top removes easily so you can pour in more water without disrupting your fruit. The 2-quart capacity is spacious enough for everyday use, and an ergonomic spout and handle give the perfect pour every time.

Fruit & Tea Infusion Water Pitcher

A crowd pleaser!

This fan favorite is for those ready to have a bit of fun with your infuser pitcher. It’s loaded with extras, such as a recipe booklet full of neat ideas to try, and even an ice tray that makes perfect little balls of ice. When it comes to the pitcher itself, you won’t be disappointed. It’s made of super-strong Tritan material, making it shatterproof and dishwasher-safe. Use it for cold or hot liquids without worrying about chemical leaching or flavor transfer. What’s more, it comes with a stainless steel infuser for tea leaves in addition to the included one for fruits or vegetables.