Relax Better: Inflatable Couches to Kick Back On

Just blow ‘em up and get to binge-watching.

An inflatable couch has all the novelty jiggle of a water bed—without the mess or instability—and the seating room of a normal couch, minus the huge price tag and weight that makes it impossible to move. Plus, you can easily set up an inflatable couch outside to get some fresh air, without drawing the stares a real couch would garner. Here are three for you to relax on.

No Pump Required

This recliner claims to stay puffed up for a full five to six hours. Wekapo


Simply wave the deflated couch in the air and watch it inflate, without straining your breath or breaking out a pump. To keep you and your couch from floating away, plant the included stake in the ground and attach the built-in security loop.

Personalized Comfort

Just sit back and relax. Chillbo


You can’t exactly tote your living room sofa to a picnic—but you can carry an inflatable couch, especially if it comes in a cheery patterned bag. Stuff small essentials like keys and a good book to read in the accompanying storage pockets.

Outdoor Chiller

An included bottle opener means you don’t even have to get up to pop open your favorite soda. AlphaBeing


Most inflatable couches are waterproof, so the only items you’ll need to worry about saving in case of a sudden rainstorm is your phone and whatever magazine you’re curled up reading.