Best House Fan: Use One of These Instead of Cranking the AC

The perfect house fan will cool you down and keep the air in your home from feeling stale.

How do you cool down inside when the heat is on outside? For those who shiver at the thought of the artificially cool air that an AC blasts and the higher electricity bill it racks up, house fans lower the sizzle with natural circulation and a manageable price tag. And since they’re usually portable enough for easy transport, you can use one for multiple rooms. So where do you begin?

Room Size: From lofty living rooms to a small children’s space, the area you want to cool can determine what kind of house fan you choose. For big rooms, you will likely want a high-powered fan that can circulate air into every corner of the space. Larger fans with heavy-duty blades do more than push wind in one direction— they can circulate the cooler air near the floor with the warmer air that hovers at the ceiling to create a fresher, cooler feel in whatever room it’s in. If you need to add a breeze to a smaller room, a light, space-saving model may be a better pick. 

Cooling Levels: We don’t always want a gale-force wind to cool down our house—sometimes in fall or spring just a light breeze helps make our spaces more comfortable. When picking out your next house fan, look for one with several modes and levels, so you can adjust it depending on the weather. For those scorching summer days, you’ll want full blast, while sometimes a low mode can help with circulation. Finding a versatile fan can equip you for either condition. 

User Controls: When it comes to bells and whistles, there’s no shortage of modern technology to take your average house fan to the next level. From sleep control for leveling down the breeze while you dream to bladeless design for added safety, check out what added features your next house fan has to offer. 

Our Picks for the Best House Fans on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Lasko Portable Electric Oscillating Tower Fan 

Power Cooler

The “nighttime” setting gradually lowers the breeze from high to low while you sleep.

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Runner Up: Vornado Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

Amazingly Powerful

One of the only fans out there with a “vortex” flow, this fan circulates air like a ceiling fan does—but from the floor up.

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Budget Pick: Lasko Elegance & Performance Adjustable Pedestal Fan

Fast Assembly

This one is light enough to carry with you, and the wide head makes it perfectly suited to larger rooms.

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Great for Families: TaoTronics Tower Fan Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote

Bladeless Design

This pick has all the airflow without blades, so you can use it safely around children or pets.


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