The Best Guided Journals for Women

These writing exercises help you discover your voice and honor your goals.

byLauren Brown West-Rosenthal| PUBLISHED Feb 12, 2020 7:52 PM
The Best Guided Journals for Women
Free your thoughts with the helpful prompts in these guided journals. Getty Images

If opening up a blank diary and just letting the words pour out doesn’t feel natural, no worries; you just need a little help. When there’s a lot bubbling under the surface that you want to say, a guided journal is the way to go. They prompt you to evaluate the past, reflect on your biggest fears and more. What you end up writing can be surprising, emotional and inspiring. Get started with one of these.

Excellent Writing Prompts
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The overall theme and mission of the exercises focus on self-empowerment.

Here’s the thing—if you read First Lady Michelle Obama’s bestselling memoir, Becoming, then you know that she’s an incredibly gifted storyteller. Her life story should seem out of reach, but she managed to make it relatable. This journal accompanies her book, giving you the tools needed to tell your own story. You’ll look on your own journey using over 150 inspiring quotes and questions to prompt you to write the story of your own life honestly and with integrity.

Best for Making a Daily Writing Habit
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At the end of the 365 days, you can read through all you’ve written and see how far you’ve come emotionally and spiritually.

The best way to make journaling a habit is by making it a part of your daily routine, be it first thing in the morning or right before bedtime. This book is designed for a year’s use. Each day features prompts to jumpstart your writing using inspiring quotes and open-ended questions, all with the intention that you’ll achieve your goals and realize your potential.

Best for Busy Women
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This journal is all about getting to know your inner self via solitude, introspection and contemplation—but on your terms and time limits.

If you need help taking a much needed moment to yourself without your phone buzzing or your kids whining or your boss demanding your time, this journal is your new Zen. The idea is to show up and give the journal whatever time you have when you have it. The pages come in a variety of prompts and styles, all with beautiful and calming illustrations. One page might simply give you a list of empowering activities to try while another page asks you to sing your favorite song and then create a playlist of all the songs that bring on happiness.