The Best Good Luck Charms to Bring You Good Fortune

A little superstition just might reap big rewards.

Some people have lucky socks to get through a big day, while others believe that finding a penny, heads side up, brings on good luck. Whether you’re looking to turn your luck around, keep a lucky streak going, or see if some famous favorites really do work, there’s no downside to giving a good luck charm a whirl. If nothing else, holding on to these tokens can boost your outlook, give you hope and push you into bold new directions. Ready to believe? Start with one of these.

Wealth Wielding

It’s 35mm x 45mm and carved as double sided. Amazon

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In Japanese, maneki-neko means “beckoning cat,” and these figures are believed to bring good luck to the owner. The maneki-neko is usually a calico Japanese Bobtail cat that beckons with an upright paw. It’s traditionally displayed at the entrance of shops, restaurants and other businesses to bring in customers and wealth. These keychain-style ones are handmade by Buddha temple monks. Hang wherever you see fit so this lucky little cat can show you the money!

Classic Age Sign of Luck

This bracelet fits almost every wrist size and is made for all genders. Amazon

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The mighty elephant is not just considered a symbol of good luck and fortune but also one of power, dignity, intelligence and peace. You’re practically guaranteed protection by wearing an elephant on your wrist with this bracelet. Look down and feel the good vibrations not only from the elephant charm and the frosted agate gemstones surrounding it, which bring calm too.

Helps With Focus

The coin is 40mm in diameter and weighs approximately 30 grams. Amazon

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Sometimes the simplest of sentiments make the biggest impact. The front of this lucky coin features the universal good luck symbol of the shamrock with the words “good luck” carved over it. Flip the coin over for important encouragement with the words: ”If you remember that the greatest strength comes from within, you can do anything.” Suggest your coin’s recipient always keep this in their purse or pocket to manifest the one thing they want most into their lives.