The Best Flower Vases to Display Your Buds

You can boost your mood—and make any room pop—with a cute vase and some inexpensive flowers. (Real or fake, we won’t tell).

byLauren Brown West-Rosenthal|
The Best Flower Vases to Display Your Buds
Flower power! A few blooms in a vase and your day is made. Getty Images

The quickest way to freshen up a room? A colorful bouquet. Pick up a bunch on your next grocery store run or snip some buds from your yard—then treat yourself to a new vase to match! From a single-bud vase to something grand that holds massive assortments, here are some options that will boost your mood and your decor.

Beachy colors in a modern design.

These swirly blue vases look like they’re studded with barnacles for a natural, under-the-sea vibe. They’ll go best with minimal white bouquets and pastel sprigs—save your bolder arrangements for a simpler vase.

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Perfect pick for a boho bouquet.

This vintage looking set comes with three petite vases perfect for holding pretty much anything. Display them all together in a rustic arrangement of dried lotus pods, star flower and pampas grass, or break put one in every room in need of some flower power. Each vase has a 1″ opening, perfect for a single stem or a minimalist display.

Throw in some pebbles or marbles to up the style game of this transparent option.

Whether you’re in the mood to spruce up your home with a dozen roses “just because” or it’s how your special someone says “I love you”—that’s a bouquet that calls for a no frills, classic vase that won’t compete with the beauty of the blooms. The 4-inch openings on this set of two can easily hold 12 roses or more.