Three Family Game Night Games to Bring You All Closer

No matter how young or old you are, family game night is a simple way to bond and grow a little closer. But which games are right for your brood? Check out our suggestions below.

Strategy, skill and silliness—an entertaining game night is an excellent way to pass an evening with your family. No matter what age you are, these games will help you grow closer and have fun while you’re doing it.

Easy to Learn

Your whole family will have the instructions down in no time. Amazon

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This game has it all—strategy, skill and it only takes one minute to learn. Perfect for the family with kiddos 5 and up who loves a fast-paced competition, and wants to build strategy skills along the way.

Nostalgic and Retro

Give your kids a peek into your own childhood with this fun one. Amazon

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Chances are you grew up with this game and your parents did, too. The Game of Life was originally invented in the 1860s by board game guru Milton Bradley, and since then has graced generations of family game nights. Bring your family together and experience all of the ups and downs this classic has to offer.

Encourages Teamwork

Solve mysteries all over town! Amazon

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This family game takes fun to a new level for the younger set. This game board stretches six feet long, and pre-K kiddos get to explore the board solving mysteries, finding hidden objects and racing towards Picnic Island. Busytown is an excellent way to build your child’s confidence while making sweet memories together.