Make a Bold Statement With These Chalk Markers

Chalk markers are great for signs, photo ops or just for fun!

byChristin Perry| PUBLISHED Mar 4, 2020 7:07 PM
Make a Bold Statement With These Chalk Markers
Just a quick sketch we did, NBD. Getty Images

Chalk markers are a versatile medium for lots of different surfaces; you can write on glass, wood, chalkboards (of course), ceramic and even metal. So whenever you have a message to get across, and wherever you’d like to display it, there’s a good chance chalk markers can get the job done.

Comes in brights and metallics.

This pack of 12 contains all the colors you’ll need to make a beautiful creation, whether you’re following a guide or drawing straight from your imagination. Reversible tips make it easy to draw fine lines or fill in larger areas.

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Amazing coverage in a classic ivory.

Even if you’re not an artist, you need a stash of white chalk markers! Why? Because there are tons of household uses for them, like homework help, jar labeling and of course, leaving little love notes on the mirrors for your family (and yourself!). We like this 5-pack because of the reversible tips for details or filling in, great ink flow for continuous use without drying out and easy removal.

These pale colors add a dreamy touch to your designs.

Bright colors are great, but if you’d like your designs to look a bit softer, pastels and earth tones are the way to go. This eight-pack has a good selection of unique shades from sky blue, to a deep red and a pretty peach.