Bedside Lamps to Create the Mood You Want

Mood lighting can transform your room into a sanctuary. Let us help you find just the right light for your retreat.

Research shows that light changes everything: circadian rhythms, productivity, energy, feelings of calm and coziness, even your very well-being, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Your bedroom is your retreat and the lighting needs to support and reflect the vibe you want. Are you going for a peaceful oasis with warm lighting to unwind, or an energized spot for an at-home dance party? Or maybe you need a cozy nook to escape into a good book? Whatever your particular lighting needs are, let us help you set the perfect mood.


This light cycles through the RGB spectrum. Amazon

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Danish culture has coined a term—hygge—which embodies the warmth and culture around getting cozy. If you’re looking to translate some of that comfort into your own space, try a dimmable soft light like this one and achieve the perfect hygge feel.

Dance Party Ready

Make your bedroom’s vibes immaculate with these stick-on babies. Amazon

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Light strips offer an easy, no fuss solution to energizing mood lighting. Using double-sided sticky tape, these are a cinch to install and instantly liven up a room.

Reading Nook

Display all your favorite knickknacks in one place. Amazon

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This sleek, space-saving design is almost ridiculously easy to build and is a perfect way to brighten up your reading nook. Stack your favorite titles on the top shelf, and keep descending to the ones you know you should get to eventually.