The Best Aromatherapy Balms to Destress Wherever You Go

Instant Zen is just a few dabs away.

byLauren Brown West-Rosenthal| PUBLISHED Feb 20, 2020 7:31 PM
The Best Aromatherapy Balms to Destress Wherever You Go
Apply these soothing balms whenever the day is getting you down. Getty Images

From stress and anxiety to migraines and body aches to low energy or a lack of focus, some days, the struggle to be the best versions of ourselves is real. While aromatherapy is a tried and true way to alleviate those ailments (and more), it’s not always possible—or practical—to have those tools handy. But with the aromatherapy balm of your choosing, it’s easy to take a moment throughout the day. Just stop, breathe, apply to your pulse points, and inhale and exhale for instant relief.

Scentered Ultimate Survival KIT Aromatherapy Balm Gift Set

These balms won't evaporate or leave a greasy feeling on your skin.

These balms promise relief within 5-20 minutes of application to your pulse points. This set features five, therapeutic grade balm sticks that come in a convenient travel pouch. The scents include: Sleep Well (for peaceful slumber), De Stress (for relaxation and calmness), Focus (for greater clarity), Love (for confidence and emotional well being) and Escape (for tranquility). You can use the one that you crave most or all five as part of the ultimate, daily self-care routine.

Badger Balm Mini Sampler Set - 3 Pack

The classic and sore muscle rub balms are great for before a workout.

This is a great set to test out three balms that can take care of you from head to toe. There’s the classic balm, made from extra virgin olive oil and beeswax to moisturize and soothe. You have the sleep balm, made from a soothing blend of essential oils, to lull you to sleep. And lastly, the sore muscle rub that uses cayenne and ginger. Apply one or all of these balms to your lips, chest, temples, or hands for a quick fix or all over your body for deeper relief.

Wild Thera Natural Mood Uplifting Herbal Balm

Give yourself a boost of happiness with this sweet-smelling balm.

This balm is natural, organic and non-GMO with long lasting power. Feelings of happiness are evoked via energizing ingredients such as chamomile, lavender, dandelion and lemon balm. Use for help with anxiety, sadness, apprehension and more. Soothe your skin while your entire being relaxes and feels calmer.