The Best Bathroom Organizers for Cutting Down on Clutter

These are musts for small spaces.

From cleaning supplies and toilet paper to towels and hair tools, the typical bathroom holds a variety of things—and a lot of them. So it’s no wonder one of the smallest rooms in many people’s homes gets cluttered so quickly. If tidying up your loo is on your to-do list, try this over-the-toilet unit or these stylish floating shelves. They maximize space while making items easily accessible.

Sleek Chrome

Stash extra towels and toilet paper in this slim, 24-inch wide model. Amazon


Frustrated with your narrow bathroom? Make the most out of vertical real estate with this simple-to-assemble, above-the-toilet structure. It offers four tiers of ample storage for lightweight items, such as washcloths and extra TP rolls. In sleek chrome, the space saver looks more expensive than it actually is.

Vanity Ready

Keep liquid foundations and perfume upright. Amazon


Sink serenity! Clear up that area by placing beauty essentials inside this plastic organizer. Two drawers neatly tuck away small items such as cotton buds and creams, and lipsticks, full-size lotions and the like can fit in six open-top compartments.

Subtle Woodgrain

Mount them together on the same wall or apart on separate ones. Amazon


If you need just a little more storage space, these pinewood floating shelves are the way to go. They add a minimalist-chic touch and won’t compete with the existing aesthetic in your bathroom. They’re practical too: Protective guards ensure toiletries don’t topple to the floor. Each set comes with a removable towel holder that can be attached under one shelf or mounted by itself.